Color Guide

Here is where you can find color inspiration within the collection for your next project. We'll compile color combinations within each theme to give you some ideas! Follow us on Instagram if you'd like to see more! We'll be adding pattern ideas to our stories to fit the combos. 

Dark Gray, Bright Magenta, Spice Orange, and Golden Yellow yarn lined up
From L to R: Katana, Eternal Fire, Gyatso, and Honor
Spice Orange, Soft Blue, Golden Yellow, and Dark Gray lined up
From L to R: Gyatso, That's Rough Buddy, Honor, and Katana
Soft Blue, Dark Gray, and Light pink yarn lined up
From L to R: That's Rough Buddy, Katana, and Yip Yip!
From L to R: Katana, Kyoshi Warrior, and Honor
From L to R: Yip Yip!, Jasmine Dragon, and Grand Lotus
From L to R: Katana, Avatar State, and Spirit World