About Us

Red Door Fibre Studio was born out of a need for more. More connection. More intentional creating. More of what we love in the world. Kate, owner and dyer, felt as if there was part of her own little knitting world that lacked that feeling of slowing down and making something she loved, not just something she knew how. 
Here at Red Door, we believe that everyone has a place in the fiber community. We believe that no matter what fibre you use, you're worthy of being here. We believe that there's room for everyone because each and every one of us is truly unique and speaks to others in our own ways. We each have our own interests, stories, and ways of life, but fiber art is the strand that holds us all together. 
Our collections are based on different types of media: movies, video games, tv shows, illustrations, etc. We stand firm in our belief that not one work of art is the same without the other. Movies are fun, sure, but fan-art is where we all relate with each other. Music is great, but dance evokes emotion like no other. And dyeing yarn is unique, but made even more so in the hands of fiber artists. Art cannot exist without other art, so go make some. 

Meet the Team

Owner and dyer for RDFS, Kate lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband Thomas and their cat, Inigo, and dog, Westley (can you tell we love The Princess Bride?). She thrives in cold-weather because layers exist, so dyeing yarn in her garage in the humid, Midwest summer heat is a little out of her wheelhouse but she's making the best of it. You can often find her being shushed by those with her in public (her voice carries, ok?) and responding to Instagram comments in all caps with a Diet Coke in hand.

Her friends describe her as "having zero chill but also being super laid back" so we aren't really sure how that works and neither are they. She's a Enneagram 8, Aquarius Sun, INFJ who loves watching Studio Ghibli films when she needs a pick-me-up and practically lives in a good bodysuit.